Recording Step 3

STEP 3 – Prepare documents for upload in a service desk ticket

You should now have a total of 9 original forms.

For preview we will need you to attach the PDF from the helper that you downloaded or file(s) of:

  • 1 of each of the 2 Witness Testimonies 
  • 1 of the Declarations

You will also need to attach:

  • A copy of your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth (to verify where you were born. Naturalized Citizens will attach proof of naturalization)
  • If Witness Testimony is not already notarized please include photo ID for each witness.

Each individual that wishes to record MUST create a Ticket using your proper name for record keeping. This Ticket will be used for all transactions regarding this process. Attach the Scanned Files for the above documents in the Attachments section below using the Browse / Choose File buttons. Please double check to ensure all files were successfully attached. After preview and approval of the documents by the Recording Secretary you will be contacted to discuss a recording fee and to schedule a time to record.

Please NOTE: If you have already created a ticket for recording purposes, do NOT create another one. Please use the link from the email notice you received. If you lost the email, please use this link to find the ticket you previously created. This will save the recorder confusion and time.

Data Protection: With the exception of the attachments, data that you enter in a Service Desk Ticket WILL remain online- Do NOT include sensitive data in the Ticket text; only in a attachment. Although text data stored online is protected by member logins of staff only, uploaded files may contain sensitive data therefore attachments are stored offline and only accessible to the Recording Secretary and support staff to verify identity and retrieve files upon approved requests.

Minimum Data: For filing purposes please use your full name, email address and current county you live in on the ticket.