Recording Step 2

The First Step Towards Reconstruction!

Welcome to the first and most important step to assure your 1st Amendment right to assemble along with preserving all the Constitutional Guarantees you are owed, educating yourself and proving you are an American state national.

Please: Carefully read this page to better understand and become more comfortable with the process, reasons to do it, and how to complete it. This will not only benefit you but it will also answer most questions regarding this assembly’s recording process and the information needed. You must be 21 years of age to complete this process.

This is your key to self-governance as an American State National, iron-clad proof and record using five(5) documents: (click documents to see samples)

1.) Witness Testimonies confirming your identity from two(2) different people that have known you well for seven(7) or more years,

2.) Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, or Naturalization papers to prove you have a interest in one of the fifty(50) states,

3.) Declaration that states you are eligible to be a state national and have willfully chosen to be one- here known as a Michiganian, and

4.) Voter Revocation Letter sent to the local county clerk where you last registered to vote. State nationals should not and never should have been registered to vote in U.S. elections, registration is for employees and dependents only. You will want to cancel the registration if you have previously registered or wish to be involved in the assembly. State nationals can attend the election polls if desired as electors by showing up and entering their name and address as unregistered voters.

5.) Notice to Secretary of State(of State) sent to the current Secretary of State of State and Federal Secretary of State informing them to correct the Municipal and Territorial records to reflect your true status as a American State National- a Michiganian.


Understandably, many are a little nervous about completing and signing any paperwork, knowing the world we live in and all the nasty contracting practices taking place in the current corporate structures, it is no wonder.

Rest assured there are no strings attached with the Michigan Assembly nor any current government agency. Nothing we offer in this process is illegal or unlawful.

This process is solely to verify your identity, and either earned or birthright inheritance to self-governance. The foundation of this county and the documents set in place rest on free wo/men having the final say over the country’s affairs. It leaves NO holes for foreign powers to undermine this foundation, this is why you put it on the record in writing with a proof of birth or right to do so.

The precedence for this recording process stands on Treaties, International Law, Supreme Court rulings, and Statutes recognized not only by the Assembly, but Federally and Internationally.

For example, Minnesota Rule 220 is an administrative rule of the Territorial State of Minnesota which provides that a man can establish his identity by providing sworn or affirmed testimony from two Witnesses having reasonable first hand knowledge of his identity, which is exactly what is included in this package and can be very useful to replace another form of valid ID such as a drivers license.

Getting Started:

Notice: To ensure proper formatting and unnecessary modifications we only record PDF forms obtained from this site. Using the paperwork tool to enter your information will automatically generate all the documents and correct copies required to affirm your American state national status. There are multiple pages of each packet for a reason as the documents are all completed in original TRIPLICATE, sent to the Assembly Recorder, verified as recorded with the assembly stamp and seal, one is returned to you, one is filed with your county assembly, and one stays with the State Jural Assembly records office. On the last page of the Witness Testimonies packet there is Recording instructions and a Check List that will be completed with the Assembly recording official.

Witness Testimonies:


  1. Your Current Full Name (First Middle Last)
  2. Your Full Address. (####, Street, City, State, Zip)
  3. Names of Witnesses.
  4. Contacts and Addresses of Witnesses

Digital COLOR photo of your face and shoulders preferably with a white or plain neutral background. This photo would be used for your State Credentials.


  1. The PDF Download has multiple of the same pages, you need all of them for the records, three of each form.
  2. The Witness Testimonies need to be printed in COLOR
  3. Preview downloads to confirm they are correct and have all the information prior to printing

Date and Signings:

  1. Witnesses will fill in the date area as they sign
  2. Witnesses sign after the by: using regular signatures and a blue pen.
  3. Witnesses can sign the testimonies in front of a Public Notary at a bank, Fed Ex store or other notary services, or
  4. Witnesses can show an ID on a live video with the assembly official to sign the Testimonies at the time of the Declaration signing.

Verification Requirements:

A Birth Certificate, COLB, Naturalization Documents or other proof of interest in one of the 50 states will need to be shown to the recorder at the time of signings, the state issued copy will get mailed to the Assembly Recording Office for verification and a black and white copy is added to the recording to confirm. The original is returned with your set of documents.



  1. Birth Place
  2. Current Home County


  1. The PDF Download has multiple of the same pages, you need all of them for the records, three of each form.
  2. The Declaration can be printed in black and white
  3. Preview downloads to confirm they are correct and have all the information prior to printing

Date, Autograph, and Seal:

  1. Fill in the Date using a blue pen when it is being signed
  2. Autograph using your full PRINTED Proper Name in-front of the Notary or the Assembly Recording Secretary using a blue pen
  3. The Seal is a print of your right thumb in red, touching the autograph but not obscuring it, samples can be seen on your ticket when you add the document.

Voter Revocation Letter & Notice to SOS:


  1. Name
  2. Current Address
  3. Birth Date
  4. County Clerk’s Name and Address- follow the link in this section on the paperwork tool to find the information of the county clerk where you are registered and copy and paste their info into the appropriate fields. If you are uncertain where you registered you can look it up at: Voter Registration Lookup(click here).


  1. Note: These documents will not be available to download and print till after the recorder receives them and verifies the registered label numbers. Once they appear with the label number below your information at the top of the letters you are ready to print them.
  2. The PDF Downloads have multiple of the same pages, you need all of them for the records, three of each form.
  3. The Letters can be printed in black and white
  4. Preview downloads to confirm they are correct and have all the information prior to printing


Sign the letters with your regular signature on the line above your printed name using a blue pen, no thumbprint required.

Proceeding forward:

When you have clicked the buttons to create the documents and clicked the service ticket link you can go to your service ticket to preview the documents. Click the links at the bottom of the paperwork tool pages to create or access an existing service ticket and documents will be sent to you and the Recording Official for preview using the ticket. Once you have clicked the link to create a service ticket you will receive an email with the following instructions to proceed. If you do not please check your spam or junk mail folders.

The Standard Package recording fee is $30, you get one original back for your records along with your Birth Certificate, COLB or other verification documents. Certified Copies are available upon request for $10 per packet.

Click Here to begin the recording process.