1Q: There are a lot of different groups all over promoting different agendas—i.e. Michigan Militia, sovereign citizens, activists groups and such— how is this any different and how is it not considered dangerous as insurrectionist of the current federal government?

A: Many of these groups all promote some form of the truth— being the people should be in control of their own lives. What most of these groups are not aware of is that they have all been misidentified as the employees, dependents or welfare recipients. When these groups bring action it appears to the Feds to be ungrateful and in rebellion of that which they depend on. Since American State Nationals are in fact the employers that all power derives from, it is simply our position to direct them, not to overthrow or attack the Federal service providers. We work with the service providers using legal/lawful processes for the greater good of all.

2Q: Why do I have to do paperwork to correct my status, I was born in America?

A: You have been deliberately classified as a PERSON as opposed to one of the people and considered a U.S. Citizen of some brand or another— Federal Employee or Dependent of the United States — owned by the governmental service corporation to back its ever-growing-never-ending “National Debt”. They will enforce this presumption to no end unless you declare it false on the record.

3Q: How will doing the paperwork effect my current arrangements, such as retirement plans, 401K, IRA, insurance, drivers license, etc.

A: Most all these arrangements are private agreements that you paid into, they are still owed to you no mater what your status is. We encourage everyone to make their transition into their proper status at the pace they are comfortable with. The further along in life you are the more layers that will have to be peeled back and dissected; we have simple approaches for each. Once you have taken control of your PERSON you can now choose how to operate “within” the system without being “apart of it”.

4Q: How will I live in this world without their money?

A: While we will be working on setting up asset backed currency and mercantile banking system, it is important to understand that once you have your paperwork completed and you control the PERSON they named after you, you also control the assets and money transferred using that PERSON. In the 1930’s when the monetary system got turned upside down, they had to provide a remedy. The 1934 Emergency Banking Act was the remedy set in place by the Congress at the time. You will send notice to your bank with a registered letter w/return receipt. The letter will state who you are, how money is to be denominated, and the account is private property. Checks for deposit are stamped and signed:

5Q: If income tax is voluntary to non-employees/dependents, what will fund the government?

A: Income tax does not and never did technically fund the government, it was most recently setup as a voluntary war tax. Since the 1930’s we have not been operating under The Constitution or using asset backed money. The values they now create are mostly siphoned off to big corporations providing some service or another. The corporations are governing themselves so they simply print money, rig commodities and stack the markets as they see most profitable. The entire Federal Government was actually originally setup to be funded by a “Sin Tax”-transport/manufacturing of tobacco, alcohol, and firearms. Wealth is whatever we believe it is, as State Assemblies, we can choose what tokens we use to represent value and what our States actual value of resources is and should be.

6Q: How do I protect my family and assets?

A: We are working on a simple commercial lien in the long-run but in the meantime the paperwork is all you need. For those deeply entrenched we recommend the long form refereed to as the 928 Package. You will claim all the Names and assets associated. You Record everything you own and that will counter all the Registrations. Registrations transfer ownership, Recording enforces ownership.

7Q: What will happen to community outreach programs- welfare assistance, health care, housing…?

A: Although there may be some programs still available as there will still be employees, dependents, and welfare recipients of the federal government, much of these programs will wind down. As we work to rebuild ourselves and our communities, many new options will be presented to us. Once churches correct the mistake of incorporating as 501c3’s, they can now use their in-house resources to directly fund community outreach programs. Many of them already have multi-functional buildings and connections with many in the community that have a desire to help. Additionally, those that are no longer burdened with excessive tax and regulations will now have time and resources to establish education and skill building throughout the community to give people new vision and a joyous purpose building a better future for all.

8Q: What about safety enforcement on food, drugs, traffic, criminals….?

A: Again, through education many of these issues will become common sense. Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace will all be elected by the assemblies along with Continental Marshals. Despite what the mainstream news tends to focus on, we live in a safer time than most of history. Most small business owners know that if they do not offer a quality product they will lose all their business; the problem has been big business hiding behind the corporate veil to avoid liability. The assemblies can create educational programs for safety of food, farming practices, traffic, and how to handle criminals based on the crimes committed. It is better for the well-being of all to keep these issues at a local level. Otherwise, we end up with regulations that don’t apply to our specific circumstances and for-profit prisons filled with “criminals” of victimless crimes just as we have now.

9Q: What if I have a mortgage or loans?

A: We have a program in place to discharge the debts once you are recorded, this actually offsets the National Debt. We are working with the Feds to develop this program further and eventually the more people that reoccupy their proper status the more these issues will be easily remedied. There have been proposals for credit cards to handle these payments without disrupting things too much but much of this effort comes down to education and demand; so again, we need all those able to stake their claims and record their status.

10Q: How will I purchase a home or car if I can’t get a loan?

A: These issues will be sorted out the more people make their claims. It is important to understand that since evil factions have infiltrated nearly every level of the current world structures, you are presumed to own nothing. When you get a car or home loan the value actually comes from your NAME estate and you actually loan it to them at up to 10 times the value. This is why they can just take it all away if you fall into any sort of misfortune. US citizens of any kind can not own anything, this is why it says tenant on the deed to your home, or title holder— you may hold it, but it is still not yours. We recommend purchasing outright with cash, or making a private arrangement with the seller such as a land contract. For those without resources, renting is advised until new banking structures are set in place.